… and we have a cover

Arguing with Angels book cover

The book cover for Arguing with Angels has just been released by SUNY Press. Dark night skies with swirling Enochian letters in pastels. Too new agey, or just about enough to rise interest and curiosity? I like it, anyway.

More from the publisher here; my own first post on the book here. Comments welcome!

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An etiology of angelic vision: Article on John Dee and Edward Kelly in Aries

A couple of weeks ago I promised to take a closer look at one of the articles from the present issue of Aries. Now I finally found an occasion to look at James Justin Sledge’s contribution, “Between Loagaeth and Cosening: Towards an Etiology of John Dee’s Spirit Diaries”. As the title suggests, it’s about the Elizabethan philosopher, mathematician and magus John Dee’s famous conversations with angels, and his favourite skryer, Edward Kelly.