… and we have a cover

Arguing with Angels book cover

The book cover for Arguing with Angels has just been released by SUNY Press. Dark night skies with swirling Enochian letters in pastels. Too new agey, or just about enough to rise interest and curiosity? I like it, anyway.

More from the publisher here; my own first post on the book here. Comments welcome!

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  1. Looks very nice, Egil. Were I to see it and not recognize you as its author, I certainly would pick it up to have a good look.

  2. The statue, colour and typography are arresting (though anything with ‘angels’ in the title will be considered to relate to guardian angels by some, so indeed New Agey), not so keen on the background clutter. Generally, a very favourable first impression.

  3. 75$? Are you kidding me? That is insanely expensive for a book. I don’t have that kind of money. That’s more than the cost of a newly released Xbox 360 game. I don’t know what it is with occult/esoteric material being steep in price. Most especially when over 2 billion people in the world live in absolute poverty. Knowledge and wisdom is for those with money, apparently.

    • This is not so much about esoteric/occult books, as it is about the structure of academic publishing. Sadly, 75$ (if that will indeed be their final price for the hardback) is “competitive” price in the world of academic publishing. SUNY is not the worst in that respect. Hopefully, they will release an affordable paperback to compete also on the general book market.

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