ESSWE4 round-up – reviews and impressions from across the esosphere

Attendees are starting to get some distance from the ESSWE4 conference in Gothenburg now, and a number of reviews and impressions have appeared on blogs during the last week. Below you’ll find a round-up of pieces written from different perspectives. My own two cents you’ll find here.



Searching for pictures of Comte on the internet again, are we?

Today this blog has existed for four months. It has grown steadily since the first post, with a marked increase in June.

One of the interesting things with writing about relatively separate things – from Mesmerism to 19th century scientism to eugenics in Norway to lectures on alchemy to Goetic ritual magic – is keeping a track on what’s being read, and from where. In the beginning I wasn’t very surprised to find that ritual magic, and things to do with Aleister Crowley tended to generate more hits.

I was a bit more surprised when the short piece on Comte’s religion of humanity started to sprint away from the other posts. It is currently the most visited one – and that with almost five times as many hits as #2.

Variations on “Auguste Comte” are the three most used search words to find Heterodoxology. Further down the list we find phrases such as “fotos de auguste comte”, “pictures of auguste comte”, and “imagenes de comte”. My humour has always tended towards the silly, but I find it a little amusing.

But my favorite searches are still “how to become possessed by demons”, and “are there any real angelic languages?” I am afraid whoever came for answers to those must have navigated away rather disappointed.

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First month of heterodox blogging

It’s April, and Heterodoxology has survived its first month. The stats show ca. 1.300 hits in March, with posts dealing with magic, both old and new, as the most read. Perhaps not surprising, and I can reveal that there will, eventually, be more of that.

So far the strategy has been to write about topics that I teach, write or read about. I find that quite rewarding and will continue the policy, hopefully keeping the pace up with about two posts per week. I might also start writing somewhat shorter posts, and perhaps slicing up the larger ones into parts. We’ll see.

At any rate, the first month of Heterodoxology has been satisfying, and a thanks go out to those who have been following so far.

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