ESSWE4 round-up – reviews and impressions from across the esosphere

Attendees are starting to get some distance from the ESSWE4 conference in Gothenburg now, and a number of reviews and impressions have appeared on blogs during the last week. Below you’ll find a round-up of pieces written from different perspectives. My own two cents you’ll find here.


Sarah Veale has finished a series of five posts over at the Invocatio blog, covering the conference from her perspective:

Ritman Library Blog

The Ritman Library was represented by intern their part-time employee and esoterica student Eline Bochem, who also helped out as an assistant during the conference. Her impressions are published with the title “Well Being in the Academy?”

Praeludia Microcosmica

Mike Zuber, PhD candidate at HHP in Amsterdam, writes about his ESSWE4 paper: “Johann Philipp Maul and the Healing Waters of Schwelm

Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight

A small delegation of occultists from the Dutch Order of the Temple of Starlight had also made their way to Gothenburg, mingling with the scholars (reverse fieldwork?). They share their occult practitioner’s perspective on the first two days of this academic event:

… And this, I promise, will be the last post on ESSWE4 in a while.


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  1. Thanks for including me in this list, Egil. Cheers!

    • According to my dashboard it’s giving you quite a bit extra traffic today. 😉 It was nice to see someone give spend more time on it, and bring the conference to life this way.

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