Call for papers: “Trans-States: the art of crossing over”


There’s an exciting, experimental conference coming up this September at the University of Northampton, England. Featuring the legendary graphic novel author Alan Moore, the Crowley-biographer Richard Kaczynski, and the specialist of modern occultism and art Marco Pasi as keynote speakers, Trans-States is looking to be a very interesting trans-disciplinary event.

The call for papers is open until March 20. But beware: it is not just another academic conference, so the powerpoint with paper that is too long to read in 20 minutes is not the only possible medium:

“We aim to promote not only the blending of disciplines, but also non-normative approaches to the theme. As such joint proposals, collaborations, practitioner-based activities, pre-formed panels and performances are very welcome, as well as individual submissions and papers. We also welcome short film screenings; installations; visually interactive talks and workshops. “

I expect the ESSWE Board to do a collective dance interpretation of the recent theoretical debate in the field…

Read more at the conference website, or contact the man behind it, Cavan McLaughlin.

On a side note, ESSWE just awarded a small grant to this conference under their new Sponsorship Programme for Independent Scholarly Initiatives.


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