Correspondences third issue and statement on publishing strategy

Game of Thrones addict? No new series yet, but you can read about its representation of paganism in the latest Correspondences.

Game of Thrones addict? No new series yet, but you can read about its representation of paganism in the latest Correspondences.

Those who follow esotericism scholarship online will already know that Correspondences Vol. 2.2 has now been published, and is available for download at the journal’s website. It’s a healthy third issue from the young journal, with three research articles on topics ranging from representations of European paganism in the popular TV shows Game of Thrones and Vikings (Robert A. Saunders), to the question of how modern “modern ritual magic” really is (Christopher Plaisance), to a look at esoteric ideas forged in the context of Fascist Italy (Roberto Bacci). This selection makes it the most distinctly “modern and contemporary” issue to date – although there is certainly stuff in there for those interested in the broad historical lines as well, especially in Plaisance’s article on the continuities in European magical ritual practice.

Besides, there are five substantial book reviews this time, on some important recent volumes that span topics from Gnosticism and Theurgy to Aleister Crowley, Anthroposophy, and modern Satanism.  For a couple of these books, this may even be their first published review.

In addition to an overall healthy issue, however, this third issue of Correspondences comes with an editorial in which editors Aren and Jimmy announce some plans for the future. They note with satisfaction that, three issues on, some of the main objectives of the journal are already manifesting (attract new voices, create a forum for engagement between established and emerging scholars, get a broad and comprehensive scope with attention to under-researched areas, etc.). But the editorial also admits that there are further benefits of the online open-access format that still needs to be taken full advantage of. To that end the editors announce the implementation of a new publication strategy for the following year, which can drastically improve the speed from approved article to publication:

“All accepted articles will now be published as fast as they can be evaluated via peer-review, revised, edited, and typeset. Articles will be published as soon as possible, rather than published biannually in a collected issue, as in a conventional print-based model. All articles published in a particular year will then be gathered into a volume related to that year to enable easier access by libraries, databases, and search engines.”
There is also promise of other improvements in the pipeline. With that set of news, it looks like Correspondences can safely celebrate 2014 and start its third year on a promising note!

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