Webportal for the academic study of esotericism

The Amsterdam Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy has a new website.

The Amsterdam Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy has a new website.

Last month, the Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (HHP) in Amsterdam released their new website. Regular readers of Heterodoxology are likely to have seen this already, but in case you missed it in the middle of the summer, here is a reminder.

The reason why this is newsworthy is that the new website aims to be a lot more than simply the web-presence of one particular institution for higher education. It has a number of other functions, that are useful for the broader academic community that the HHP is part of. It gives relatively elaborate information on the HHP study programs (the MA and the BA), and lists the current research projects undertaken by HHP staff. The agenda on the website is still rather slim, but the intention is that it will fill up with not only activities in Amsterdam (courses, lectures, openings), but other events of relevance to the broader community of esotericism researchers as well.

As you can read about in this post on the HHP news blog,  the website aims to be a hub bringing together some of the best resources for the study of esotericism that are currently available online. This includes multimedia content, webinars, podcasts, and RSS feed of the most relevant blogs out there. There is also a collection of online archives, with descriptions and relevant information. Check out the “Online Resources” section.

If you miss your favourite academic esotericism blog in the blogroll, see a conspicuous gap in the list of archives and collections, or simply know of a podcast or a great online lecture that the website has not linked up to, feel free to drop them a line about it. They’ll appreciate that, as it’s all about keeping an up-to-date resource that can help binding together and consolidating the community of esotericism researchers online. Oh, and there is also a twitter account to follow: @HHP_Amsterdam. Make sure to use the hashtag #HistEso to get the attention of the academic-esoteric crowd on Twitter.

148 followers so far. Join in and continue the esoterica conversation!

148 followers so far. Join in and continue the esoterica conversation!

Finally, there is another reason for me to advertise all of this here. As those who’ve followed this blog for a while will now, I’ve been working at HHP for the past five years, first as a PhD candidate, then for the past year as an associate researcher. During the last half year, one of my central responsibilities has been to oversee the project of creating this new website. Sending it off into cyberspace last month was in fact my final duty at HHP. It has been a nice way to say goodbye to the centre (at least for now), marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

For me, new adventures now lie ahead. More on those later!


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