A webinar on John Dee and video tour of the BPH

As readers of Heterodoxology will know, the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica in Amsterdam hosts a webinar series on aspects of Western esotericism in collaboration with lecturers at the UvA. The latest lecture was published last week: This time Peter Forshaw talks about our old favourite John Dee, focusing on his Monas Hieroglyphica. Check it out below!

In addition, the BPH has released a video from a tour at the library given to a group of students from the University of Amsterdam’s esotericism programme. The wonderfully knowledgeable Cis van Heertum guides through the “Alchemy on the Amstel” exhibition, while the curator José Bouman gives a glimpse into rare books in the collection.

Previous videos and lectures from the BPH:

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  1. this is becoming a wonderful series. the subject of course also elates to the history of prints and publishing. do you happen to have any leads to studies and publications that relate to that? i’d be thankful to hear about them! ewoud van rijn

    • there is a whole field of specialization related to the history of the book and of print culture. Perhaps this centre in Edinburgh is of interest to you: http://www.hss.ed.ac.uk/chb/

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