“Fernando Pessoa and Western esotericism”, a public lecture by Marco Pasi

Curious about the relationship between modern literature and Western esotericism? On December 7, my colleague Dr. Marco Pasi will be giving a public lecture in Amsterdam, on his ongoing research into Fernando Pessoa’s intricate but little understood engagement with esotericism. Marco has been working on this for some time, and co-organised (with Jerónimo Pizarro) an international and interdisciplinary workshop on the subject earlier this year. The upcoming Amsterdam lecture is open to the public, and entirely free of charge. For an abstract and more information, see below – or download this flyer.


“Fernando Pessoa and western esotericism: glimpses from an ongoing research”

Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) is now widely recognised as one of the most important figures in twentieth century literature. When he died he had published relatively little, and his literary fame had not yet crossed the borders of Portugal, his country of origin. But after his death a trunk was discovered where he had collected over many years an enormous amount of unpublished writings, all in a variable stage of completion. Poems, essays, novels, short stories began to surface, some consisting of a few fragments, some almost ready for publication. One of the aspects that have emerged with increasing clarity from Pessoa’s posthumous papers is his deep interest for esotericism. This fascination began early in his life and remained constant until his death. His poems often contain references to esoteric ideas and images, and a very significant number of texts found in the trun present themselves as short essays or notes on various esoteric subjects. This lecture is based on an undergoing research initiated during a recent fellowship at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies. It will focus on the various aspects of Pessoa’s relationship with western esotericism.

About the event:

The lecture is hosted by the research group Religious Dynamics and Cultural Diversity (University of Amsterdam). It takes place in the Vondelzaal of the Amsterdam University Library (address: Singel 425). Time: 17.00-1800, Friday December 7, 2012.

Find out more about Marco Pasi here.


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