Want to do a PhD on Western esotericism? Two vacancies in Amsterdam

Two PhD positions will become vacant at the Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents in Amsterdam in early 2012. If you want to do a PhD in the field of Western esotericism, this is a top chance which cannot be missed, so check out the application procedures here. The two positions are reserved for two different areas of expertise – one focusing on the early modern period (in practice, late medieval to the Enlightenment), the other on esotericism from the Enlightenment to the present.

From the UvA website:

The intention is that one of the two candidates will do research on a relevant topic within the historical period from the Renaissance to the 18th century, and the other within the period from the 18th century to the present. Candidates are invited to submit a research proposal that contains at least the following:

  1. Title of the research project.
  2. Brief description of the research question (a few lines).
  3. A longer description of the research project, including attention to methodology and the nature/availability of the relevant source material (3 to 4 pages, line spacing 1 ½).
  4. Explanation of academic relevance and importance of the research.
  5. Bibliography.
  6. A planning, subdivided in periods of six months.
  7. Summary of additional material costs.

The research proposal must be accompanied by a cover letter and a C.V.

A list of possible research topics is available on request from w.j.hanegraaff@uva.nl. This list is intended to give an impression of the kind of research that could be considered, and an indication of some clear research gaps.

If you have not had a full BA or MA in the history of esotericism (which would be hard to do any other places than Exeter and Amsterdam), it is advised to request that list of topics – not to dictate the research proposal, but to open up the imagination and to see what kinds of topics are considered in need of research.

Read the complete instructions.


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  1. […] the University of Amsterdam has two PHD openings in its Hermetic Philosophy department. This is a fantastic opportunity to do research in the emerging field of Western esotericism while […]

  2. How can one know when there will be future phd openings? How do these openings compare to that of American universities? Thank you.

    • Hi Mary, I would keep a look-out at the HHP website. Check out this section in particular, on PhD opportunities: http://www.amsterdamhermetica.nl/education/phd-opportunities/
      Compared to the US, there are a number of significant differences, among them the duration (3-4 years in NL, 6-8 in US) and the fact that Dutch universities consider you an employee: You get a work contract, monthly salaries (pretty good ones), health insurance, pay taxes etc, and pay no tuition fees or anything like that.

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