Aries 11.2 – new articles and book reviews in the field of esotericism

The autumn edition of Aries has just been released. This issue’s research articles deal with topics as diverse as “New Age Christianity” in Italy (Francesco Baroni), 19th century physics as context for occultism (yours truly), a report on a 15th century Christian text on magic (Damaris Gehr), and an article on Max Théon, Sri Aurobindo and “the Mother” (Peter Heehs). Perhaps the most interesting to many readers of Heterodoxology will be Christopher McIntosh’s short article, which announces a surprising discovery concerning the enigmatic “Fräulein Sprengel” and the origins of the Golden Dawn.

I shall write more about McIntosh’s discovery later. And I should also give a summery of the points I make in my own article on the intersection of the history of physics and occultism. For now, here is the table of contents, including the book review section. Links will take you to Aries online. Subscription needed to see the articles.


pp. 167-188(22)
Author: Baroni, Francesco

pp. 189-217(29) Author: Gehr, Damaris

pp. 219-247(29) Author: Heehs, Peter

Book Reviews

Subscribed Content Content loaded within last 14 days The Secret Doctrine Commentaries: The Unpublished 1889 Instructions pp. 265-267(3) Author: Trompf, Garry W.


Subscribed Content Content loaded within last 14 days Storia d’Italia. Annali 25: Esoterismo pp. 268-271(4) Author: Baroni, Francesco


Subscribed Content Content loaded within last 14 days The Occult Mind: Magic in Theory and Practice pp. 272-275(4) Author: Hammer, Olav


Subscribed Content Content loaded within last 14 days Scolastique et alchimie. Philosophie et alchimie à la Renaissance et à l’ Âge classique pp. 276-280(5) Author: Gagnon, Claude


Subscribed Content Content loaded within last 14 days The Arabic Hermes: From Pagan Sage to Prophet of Sciencepp. 281-283(3) Author: Burnett, Charles


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