“Alchemy: Between Science and Religion” – a workshop

On 24 June the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism (ESSWE) will organize a one-day workshop on alchemy in Amsterdam. Some of the top experts of alchemy will present papers, including Professor Lawrence Principe of John Hopkins University. Although the main focus is on alchemy and its ambiguous relation to early modern natural philosophy and religion, the workshop is intended for graduate and postgraduate students working with themes related to esotericism more generally. Since it coincides with the board meeting of the ESSWE, virtually all the leading scholars of western esotericism will be present, including Antoine Faivre, Wouter Hanegraaff, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Boaz Huss, Mark Sedgwick, and Gyorgy Szonyi. They will all happily engage in discussions with students and young researchers.

In short: A great opportunity if you’re doing an MA or PhD in this area, and can make it to Amsterdam in June. Another notable perk: It’s free. For more details, check out the announcement, which I also post in its entirety below.

ESSWE Thesis Workshop – Alchemy: Between Science and Religion

A one-day workshop for graduate and postgraduate students organised by the Chair for History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, University of Amsterdam, on Thursday 24 June 2010.

Throughout the day, international scholars from varying perspectives (cultural, intellectual, history of science) will present papers, discuss issues around framing research questions, and reflect on the importance of developing the skills necessary to successfully carry out research. This workshop will provide an opportunity for graduate and postgraduate students to engage with specialists in the history of medieval and early modern alchemy, and others more broadly based in the field of Western Esotericism. It should be stressed that while the focus of our three specialist speakers is on alchemy, time will be available for students to interact with the scholars and discuss more general strategies for research, such as the issues of definitions, typologies, disciplinary boundaries and interdisciplinarity, questions of primary and secondary sources, publication, networking and other practical matters of a scholarly life. The chronological focus with not be restricted to the Early Modern period, but will range from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century.

The day will be divided into three parts:

1) Oratory: Presentations by guest speakers

> Prof. Lawrence Principe (Johns Hopkins University)
> Dr Stephen Clucas (University of London)
> Dr Jennifer Rampling (University of Cambridge)

2) Laboratory: Students have the opportunity to discuss practical research issues with the following scholars, in addition to the speakers: Jean-Pierre Brach, Antoine Faivre, Peter Forshaw, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Wouter Hanegraaff, Boaz Huss, Andreas Kilcher, Marco Pasi, Mark Sedgwick, Gyorgy Szonyi)

3) A roundtable discussion focussed on specific themes

> Definitions & Typologies: issues of terminology, reification, essentialism, actors’categories
> Boundary Work: Magic, Science and/or Religion, Hybridity
> Alchemy & Culture (Elite, Court, Popular)

Please note: this is a free event and we are seeking funding for student bursaries to assist with travel.

For more details, or to book a place, contact Dr Peter Forshaw: p.j.forshaw@uva.nl

Date(s): 24 June 2010
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Address: Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents
University of Amsterdam
Oude Turfmarkt 141-147
1012 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 525 3571 F +31 (0)20 525 3572
E-Mail: p.j.forshaw@uva.nl

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